Trading Account

What is a trading account ?

Along with your application to open a Demat account , you have to apply for a trading account with us. A Trading Account enables you to buy  shares, which can be kept in your Demat Account. Through  this account, you can also sell shares held in your Demat account. There are two types of trading accounts :

  • Offline Share Trading. 
    The advantage of this account is that you need not sit before the share trading terminal to place orders .You can just  ring us up and  place orders over the phone. Your order to buy or sell will be executed by us at our trading terminal in our office.
  • Online Share Trading. 
    “Trade on live stock prices, do online cash transfer and get instant order execution”.With an on line account from us, the market is all yours to be explored and tapped with, anywhere and everywhere. The advantage is that you can place an order from anywhere in the world , watching your trading screen on your computer. You can also download reports on your trading and holdings.All you need is a Broadband connection. For transferring fund from your bank account to your trading account, you will require a bank account which supports transfer of funds online.We can assist you to get a Zero Balance account from  a bank which will give you the above mentioned facility.

What Support we offer ?

  • Research based customized solutions to suit your investment needs.
  • Live analysis before, during & after market hours.
  • Daily intra-day calls to long-term stock recommendations; we give you timely advice with well-defined profit targets.